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Poppy Card - by Sally Dodger


(1) Cut a piece of watercolour card to 5 1/2 inches and add Washi tape, or low tack around the edges to preserve the white border.

(2) Stamp the Poppy image from the stamp set using ‘London Fog’ Memento Ink on the bottom left of the card. Then use the Pebeo Drawing Gum and the Old Paintbrush to mask off the Poppy image.

(3) Stamp the Poppy image twice again altering the angle slightly and repeat the masking process.

(4) Stamp the fern image where needed to create depth. No need to mask the ferns as they will be painted darker than the background. Add some splatters of the Drawing Gum around the Poppies.

(5) Wet the entire piece of watercolour card with clear water and add a light wash of Yellow Ochre across the whole piece. Then add light touches of Hookers Green and Cadmium Red to the bottom left of the still wet background. Let the colours merge into one another and then dry.

(6) Create a mix of the Hookers Green paint and a small amount of Cadmium Red and use this to paint the ferns. When the ferns have dried, add some Prussian Blue to the mix and use this to darken the areas between the Poppies and at the very bottom of the piece.

(7) When all the paint has dried carefully rub away all of the Drawing Gum. Then using a pale wash of Cadmium Red, paint the Poppies.

(8) Using the Cadmium Red wash, add a tiny amount of Prussian Blue paint to create a slightly darker mix and use this to add a layer of shading to the Poppies. After each layer has dried keep adding more of the Prussian blue paint to the mix and layer again until the desired result is achieved.

(9) Combining an amount of all of the paints, (slightly more Prussian Blue) will give a dark grey colour which can be used to paint the Poppy centres.

(10) Stamp the sentiment, with ‘London Fog’ Memento Ink, in the upper right corner. Then use the White Posca marker to add highlights to the Poppies.

(11) When everything has dried carefully remove the Washi tape to reveal the white border. The White Posca marker can be used to clean up the edges if needed.

(12) Attach the painted panel onto the card front with 3D foam to finish.