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Privacy Policy

We confirm that when you send any personal information it will remain entirely confidential and will not be made available to any other company.

We will use the information as the sole means of contacting you with the news. etc that we feel will interest you. Any information which you make available to us will be held and processed in accordance with the new standards introduced by the European data protection law known as General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) 2018.

We are committed to honouring your privacy and protecting your personal information.

Angel Policy

All Hobby Art designs are original and copyrights include the entire contents online. We are an angel company. Images may be produced provided they are hand stamped. Reproduction by any other means without written prior consent is prohibited.

The purchaser of a Hobby Art stamp is granted a licence to use such products for personal non-commercial use. We will allow a small number of handmade cards to be produced for sale but reproduction of images in large quantities for commercial use or reproduction by any other means other than hand stamping is prohibited without written consent.